14 January, 2010

NVivo Workshop For Post Graduate Student-IPS (UPSI)

NVivo is computer assisted qualitative data analysis software. It enables qualitative researchers to manage and retrieve their data. Nvivo reduces the mechanical handling of data so that the researcher can focus on the conceptual development of emerging theories. In this workshop, there will be lectures on qualitative research followed by the practical application of Nvivo to interrogate your data. You are encouraged to bring your own data for this workshop.
Please note that you will have to purchase a copy of the software, if you would like to use it for your research. However, the software will be ready in computer lab during the workshop. Objectives:
• to provide an overview of the software;
• to demonstrate the setting up of a research project;
• to apply some of the analytical capabilities of the software;
• to use the software in research enhancement.

       This workshop is only for post graduate students. The place is limited only for 24 participants for one session. Please register immediately.
Registration Fees : Free
Please visit Institute of Graduate Studies office or call 05 - 450 5490/5491 for registration and further information.